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The bulk carrier "zhong chang Zhoushan" successfully sailed
2018-10-30 534

At 15:36 on October 27, the 76000-ton Panamanian bulk carrier Zhongchang Zhoushan left Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard and sailed for Vancouver, marking the beginning of the voyage.



“Zhongchang Zhoushan is a new type of energy-saving ship built by Zhongchang Zhoushan for the Chinese vessel Huangpu. It is also the first Panamanian vessel to operate a global shipping line. It is the largest ship in the company at present.

As another successful example of the strategic cooperation between our company and the bank charter, with the full support and concern of the leaders concerned, and with the efficient cooperation of all the colleagues of the company, the ship Zhongchang Zhoushan has successfully completed the handover and maintenance of the ship after 21 days of repair. Zhongchang Zhoushan is the company's 14th bulk carrier to complete the handover this year, the company's capacity thus expanded to 1893,000 tons.




As the first bulk carrier deployed by Hong Kong Zhongchang Shipping Co., Ltd. since its inception, the first voyage of the "Zhongchang Zhoushan" vessel marks the breakthrough of the global shipping platform that Zhongchang Shipping Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to build. Hong Kong Zhongchang will act as the core platform of the company's global operation, constantly build up the strength of the ocean fleet and the allocation of shipping resources, further expand the global shipping business, effectively hedge the exchange rate fluctuation risk by using the US dollar rental income, explore the use of financial derivatives to hedge the market fluctuation risk, and develop the Ocean control of Zhongchang steadily. Provide more comprehensive risk hedging support.

      In the future, Zhongchang Ocean Control will continue to develop investment and acquisition of high-quality marine assets, deepen the field of marine transport and marine engineering, integrate financial resources and constantly expand the capacity of high-quality transport, and focus on Fostering Comprehensive Chemical Logistics services, modern energy supply services, logistics trade, capital operation, financial services, large data wisdom. Taiwanese and other emerging plates, and earnestly implement the overall strategic development goals and planning of Sansheng Hongye Group, will be Zhongchang Marine Control to become a leading comprehensive marine industry investment group.




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