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The monthly output value of "zhong chang Jun 27" and dredging works of the Yangtze River Estuary has reached a new high.
2018-10-20 402

Autumn is the harvest season in October. At this happy moment, the joint efforts of Shanghai Zhongchang Channel Engineering Co., Ltd.'s Deepwater Channel Dredging Project on the Yangtze Estuary "Zhongchang Dredging 27" set a new monthly production value. This gratifying achievement can not be separated from the hard work of all the crew day and night, but also from the work of the group leaders at all levels on ships. Strong support.

The Shanghai Harbor Regulation stipulates that the speed of import and export ships must be greater than 10 knots and no more than 15 knots. However, the Yangtze Estuary deep-water channel is about 35 nautical miles long and 350-400 meters wide. It is a typical high-speed and two-way narrow channel in the world. This is undoubtedly a kind of extreme picking for the passage of import and export ships and the construction of the "Zhongchangxun 27" ship. War. Since the construction of Changjiang Estuary project, we have accumulated experience and summarized the following points:

   Ship driving aspect:



The captain worked out a lot of concrete construction schemes according to the tide table and the time of entering and leaving the fleet. In the two or three hours of the lowest tide, there are few fleets coming in and out. In this most precious period of time, the pilots are required to concentrate on digging the target areas which are not reached in the center of the strong sweep channel, carefully analyze the distribution of shallow areas in each section, soil quality, concentration and flow rate, and continuously track them. Observation shows that different construction techniques are adopted for each shallow section, focusing on the shock sweeping of shallow points to ensure the smooth completion of each node. Due to the large number of import and export vessels in the North Channel of the Yangtze Estuary, the vessels in this area mainly include small fishing vessels, stone vessels and large import and export vessels in the channel. When we are working here, we often go to and fro the waterway and into and out of the mud dumping area, so we must pay attention to other boats, whether large or small boats. This requires drivers to ensure continuous lookout and communication, and must concentrate on their work. The maximum flow velocity of the Yangtze Estuary deepwater channel reaches about 5 kn during the flood season, which is a great challenge to the turning of the heavy-haul draft construction ship. In addition, some sections of the channel are shallow, so the ship can not be out of the channel during the turning period, which requires the pilot to select the turning area in advance and sort out all kinds of adverse factors. Clearly, avoid embarrassing situations.




Every crew member has a firm belief that "no longer can they be tired to delay construction". Safe operation of equipment is always the top priority. Deep-water channel construction in the Yangtze Estuary, with rapid water flow and many import and export ships, requires higher equipment such as engine room main engine, similar to automobiles running on high-speed roads, should be maximized. Limit the occurrence of equipment failure and ensure ship maneuverability. Our ship makes full use of mooring supply and sailing time to maintain important dredging equipment, without affecting the construction efficiency, to complete the maintenance of equipment. Pay close attention to the establishment, maintenance and inspection of the archives of ship production equipment, testing equipment and other resources to provide the best quality guarantee for the construction of the Yangtze Estuary deepwater channel.

     Earthwork metering and raking aspects:




The Yangtze Estuary Deep-water Channel Dredging Project measures the dredging output according to the above, generally speaking, how much earth is loaded in the mud compartment is how much output, so it requires high accuracy in earthwork measurement. The Yangtze Estuary Ship Administration has arranged three supervisors stationed on ships to supervise the earthwork according to the three-shift system, if the computer number is used. According to the actual measurement of earthwork error more than 5%, then the ship earthwork to zero, so this also requires the construction workers, rakers in the computer data collation, daily report to fill in zero error.

Strengthening technical management

The captain and the builders should strengthen the skill training of deck department, explore the different construction technology of the Yangtze Estuary deepwater channel, regularly check the operational knowledge of the operators, combine the practice with the theoretical knowledge, and learn how to operate in emergency under unexpected circumstances to avoid the secondary damage of equipment caused by human misoperation. Duty personnel conscientiously complete the inspection and record of all dredging equipment, in the process of handing over, manual operation of equipment, action is not completed without handing over, failures are not eliminated without handing over, the responsibility is implemented in the hands of each crew.





     Responsibility is the legal and moral summary of the responsibility and obligation to do anything. All walks of life emphasize the importance of responsibility. However, the responsibility for the operation of dredging vessels is greater, because the entire nearly one billion dredging ship assets are in the hands of all the crew, if the lack of responsibility, then the work will be careless, inattention, and thus easy to cause accidents. Enhancing the sense of responsibility is to make full use of all effective means to ensure the safety of navigation and dredging work on duty, and to ensure the efficient construction efficiency on the premise of safety. Develop a high sense of responsibility of the professional habits, will work to achieve their own value in life. This is also the only way for us to internationalize our channel and build a first-class dredging company.

     Waterway company "grow from small to large", and has grown into a first-class dredging company. For our own development, but also a rare opportunity, and our ship, will always continue the spirit of struggle, constantly moving forward.


“Zhong chang Jun27” Fuguanglin

October 20, 2018



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