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Chairman of Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd

With the support and concern of all walks of life, Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd started from the shipping business, and after more than 20 years of development, it has been become a platform for the development of marine industry including marine shipping, marine engineering and investment. During the maritime market downturns, the employees relied on the company's long-term development plan and solid industry foundation to move forward and succeeded getting out of the shadows. Experiencing rebound, the company is gradually expanding its scale and business. It has been become one of the top enterprises in the shipping capacity of private bulk cargo enterprises. The employees in Zhongchang spare no efforts to take responsibility, and constantly rush in the industry, via their hard power and good reputation, they have already developed a fast-growing route.

Mastering new technologies requires us to be good at learning, but also to be good at innovation. Facing the advent of the information age, the development of traditional industries cannot rely on the outdated ideas and stop moving forward, the ever-changing market demand puts higher requirements on enterprises. Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd will firmly adhere to the foundation, in line with the business philosophy of “innovation and change, cooperation and win-win”, adhere to the enterprise spirit of “Pursue Excellence, Strive for Perfection”, rely on shipping and marine engineering, focus on marine investment and other industries, developing diversified related industries, and striving to comprehensively make shipping business bigger and stronger.

“Hundreds of sailboats are rowing in the rapids, and those who dare to advance will be at the forefront”. On behalf of Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd, I would like to express my deep respect to our partners who have been supporting and understanding us. Over the years, your concern and support have accompanied us through the downturn to today's prosperity. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to all the employees who are obscured and selfless, when Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd was in the downturn, it was your unity and forge ahead that promotes the glory of Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd at this moment. In the future, Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd will firmly seize the right market opportunities, make steady progress, open up new opportunities and work together to create a new chapter in Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd. I believe that “faith will move mountains”, with the support of excellent partners, with the hardworking and brave Zhongchang people's safety escort, Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd will be able to overcome all obstacles and advance.

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