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SINCE 1993
SAN SHENG HONG YE Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. was listed in the Top 500 China Service Industry Enterprises in 2017.
In 1993, SAN SHENG HONG YE Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. set sail from the coast of the East China Sea. Besides, the company is based on Shanghai and started to develop nationwide. It has become a diversified private enterprise that include real estate development, science and technology, big data, marine investment, financial investment, strategic emerging, urban construction, cultural and health industries. It was ranked among the Top 500 Chinese Service Enterprises, and the Top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai, with AA credit rating. The company has more than 30 subsidiaries all over China.
Seaborne holding
Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd
Zhongchang Haikong is a new brand-new marine industry management development platform built by Sansheng Hongye. The company was founded in 2011 with a registered capital of 1.1 billion yuan and the total assets was approximate 4 billion yuan. The main business includes marine transportation, marine engineering, oil trading, shipping big data, financial services and so on. Up to now, it has managed and operated 29 dry bulk vessels with a total capacity of 1.414 million tons, 2 large trailing suction dredgers, 1 grab dredger and 2 environmentally friendly cutter suction dredgers. In 2017, Zhongchang haikong ranked fifth in the national bulk cargo transport enterprise capacity and ranked second in the private bulk cargo enterprise. Now, it owned ShangHai Zhongchang Dredging Engineering Co.,Ltd., Zhoushan Zhongchang Marine Co., Ltd.,Zhejiang Shipping Group Zhehai Shipping Co., Ltd....
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ShangHai Zhongchang Dredging Engineering Co.,Ltd.

      ShangHai Zhongchang Dredging Engineering Co.,Ltd. has a registered capital of 600 million yuan and has been mainly engaged in engineering projects such as port channel dredging, landfilling, etc. Since its establishment, the company has established a good reputation and image in the dredging industry with its advanced management mode, strict management norms, professional technical strength, strong financial strength and unremitting efforts.

      Zhongchang Dredging was originally a subsidiary of Zhongchang Marine Holding Co., Ltd., which is listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Stock code 600242. The company is mainly engaged in domestic coastal dry bulk shipping, port and waterway engineering, marine equipment, oil trading, etc.

In May 2017
In December of 2016
In May 2011
In May 2017
The registered capital increased to 600 million yuan
In December of 2016
It was spun off from the original zhongchang shipping co., LTD and became a subsidiary of zhongchang shipping holdings (Shanghai) co., LTD after capital consolidation
In May 2011
Shanghai zhongchang waterway engineering co., LTD., was established.
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